Safety Recognition Month

May is Safety recognition month. It would be nice to post something fun in the hangar about how many days we’ve gone without an accident or the fact that we are Workers Comp claim free!

All crew members should review the safety manual.

Safety Crew should discuss what they would like to address at the annual safety orientation scheduled for June 27th, 2020. Has a CPR or other safety specialist been scheduled to give a class yet? Do we want to do something different this year to mix it up and make it interesting? This would be a good time to confirm we have something ready to go. Is the Safety Manual in good keeping? Have we been conducting monthly safety walkthroughs and training our crew members regarding where all the fire extinguishers are and other safety needs? Did we create a system to verify that each individual has been checked off for a safety tour? This should not be scary, it should be a simple process. Just a process. ;0)

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