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The historic B-17 Flying Fortress was a heavy Bomber, an aircraft of great magnitude.  The B-17 was vital to America’s Victory against the Axis powers during WWII.   The Lacey Lady, a B-17G, was dedicated in 1947 by the late Art Lacey to represents all those who have served valiantly to preserve our freedom at home and abroad during that watershed time in our American history.  The Lacey Lady served for nearly 70 years as an iconic gas station landmark in Milwaukee, Oregon, but now she has a much larger role to take on.  The Lacey Lady is the centerpiece for our World War II Museum and Education Center built to Honor the American Spirit.

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Join the B-17 Alliance Air corps Victory Unit by using the link below on this page. Once signed up, you will become one of our leaders in Operation Preservation!  The dedicated vision and mission to help the B-17 Alliance AAC Victory Unit provide vital funding to help return the Lacey Lady to flight. 

Your tax deductible gift will make a BIG difference towards the restoration of the Lacey Lady and the communities that surround her. 

$5.00 Donated each month will help provide two pounds of Rivets annually.  That’s 1240 Rivets!

$10.00 Donated each month will help provide nearly five pounds of Rivets annually. That’s 3100 Rivets!

$15.00 Donated each month will help provide 70 square feet of aluminum to cover her ribs.  

$20.00 Donated each month helps supply our crew with the massive amount of federally approved aviation quality hardware they need.

$50.00 Donated each month will help speed up the restoration process and support funding for larger rare parts and tools. 

$100.00 Donated each month will enhance our ability to collaborate with other restoration efforts to join in bulk purchases.

Your donations support much more than just the restoration of a rare aircraft.  While your generosity funds the restoration, the Lacey Lady provides the centerpiece to tell stories of valor and courage.  The personal stories of the men and women who served because they knew it was the right thing to-do for our country.   Stories of a Great Generation who did what they had to for a cause bigger than themselves….. Honoring the American Spirit. 

Sign up now!  We need your help to purchase over a million rivets, hundreds of 4 x 10 pieces of sheet metal, gages, hardware, pilots seats and more.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bit at a time.  How do you restore a B-17G with a 103 foot wing span?  One Rivet at a time!

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Honor the American spirit that brought us to Victory in WWII.

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Together, we will return the Lacey Lady to the skies! Join an alliance who care!