NEW Exhibit opening

  • Gas Station Bomber Diorama Exhibit
  • Date:August 19, 2023
  • Time:2pm – 5pm
  • Location:B-17 Alliance Museum & Restoration Hangar C

The Gas station bomber
The only one of its kind in the world

This nationally acclaimed Gas Station Bomber; an authentic replication 3D diorama will depict Art Lacey’s Bomber “The only one in the world”. The family who built it and the man who flew it to Oregon after WWII to honor all who valiantly serve America.   

A seven time award winning Gas Station Bomber Diorama will be featured as a new exhibit and donated to the B-17 Alliance Museum at the historic Salem McNary Airfield.

join us for a Champaign opening of this all new exhibit and meet the stars

  • Saturday, August 19, 2023
  • 2pm to 5pm
  • B17 Alliance Museum & Restoration hanger
    3278 25th St. SE, Salem, OR. 97222 located on the historic Salem McNary Air field GATE W-10)
  • General admission fee is a suggested donation of $10.00
  • FREE for current museum members

Hugo Garcia, will travel from Annenberg, Texas to donate his nationally acclaimed, authentic replication of the historic Gas Station Bomber. 

Hugo Garcia initially saw photos of the Gas Station Bomber and stories that had gone viral, floating around on the internet. These stories inspired him to research the Gas Station Bomber as one of his projects for competition in the Diorama circuit. With Nation and world-wide reports the saga of how the B-17 Bomber flew to Oregon has made headlines for years. 

These viral images spiked Hugo’s curiosity. He eventually connected, through an author who previously interviewed, the only child of the man who flew this B-17 to Oregon in 1947, Punky Lacey Scott. Through emails and photos he began his research to build a one of a kind historically authentic diorama model of this Oregon Legend and Icon.

When you build a model you get to know its history that is what makes it come to life” stated Hugo. 

This exhibit opening will unveil a replica of the 1947 Art Lacey’s Gas Service Station. Step back into an era, when you stopped to “Fill er’ up” and the gas station tenants washed your windows and checked your oil.

To honor Hugo’s family we invite you to attend this Tea Time gathering and share a toast of gratitude for his generosity. 

Conveniences at the station during this era included a cigarette machine, coke machine and even a pin ball machine for entertainment.  During Hugo’s journey to research the history of this iconic treasure he was able to recreate an exact emblem for the Gas Station Bomber. This story and more will be revealed at this 3D Champaign Opening. 

A special feature will be a focus on Punky Lacey Scott. Punky lived and worked at the Bomber Gas Station (read Lacy Lady’s history) when most people lived at their business. The Lacey family had a 16 foot travel trailer they lived in while managing the Gas Station. Punky remembers learning to count money at 5 years of age and standing on a box to reach and clean the windshield of customers. She is pictured in the history “Gas Station Bomber” photo that has been seen around the world with the crew in white coveralls. 

This 3D diorama of Art Lacey Bomber Station “the only one in the world” will share culture from an era, and the entrepreneur al pioneering spirit of a bygone era.

 The Mission of B-17 Alliance is to Honor the American Spirit. This spirit is represented in our Veterans, the Greatest Generation, our pioneers and the entrepreneur spirit that built the country we all love so much. 

Art Lacey’s Bomber Gas Station was the beginning of this journey. He set the standards for work ethics that taught 3 generations of our family to lead others to Triumph.  It is with a historical presence and a love of country that this all new exhibit will be presented to the B-17 Alliance Museum.

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