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12,731 B-17’s were vital to America’s Victory against the Axis powers of WWII.  Now less than 50 remain.  The Lacey Lady is one of the few remaining capable of flying again.   This Flying Fortress was dedicated in 1947 by the original pilot Art Lacey to represent all who served valiantly to preserve our freedom.  She, the Lacey Lady is the centerpiece for the B-17 Alliance Museum & Restoration hangar.  A growing WWII Education Center.

Under these Wings

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Your Membership supports the B-17 Alliance Museum Docents who are excited to provide historical tours based on the true stories of WWII. This team is ready to share the stories of our Greatest Generation and updates on the Restoration. Tours educate generations about the sacrifices made that have and continue to preserve our freedom.

Your membership donations support year-round events, an ever-changing hangar, and a monthly veterans coffee club.

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Pilot Membership is ideal for industry leaders who want to treat their clients and employees to special experiences and includes:

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Thank you for considering a “Pilot Membership”. Our Pilot level provides expanded support that keeps our museum doors open to all.  Museum Tours are a suggested donation of $10, but we don’t turn anyone away.  Our pilots provide funding that allows us to welcome all for an educational tour to the museum.

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Check out Operation Preservation for ongoing visual progress reports.

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